We are now offering premium gun stock finishing service to complement the high quality checkering we provide. We
have been finishing unadvertised since we started checkering usually just on a few high end guns. Now we have the
facility to handle a larger work load so we can offer it to all of our customers for a low cost of only $250 for one or two
piece gun stocks including refinish. Thats for a polyurethane or a hand rubbed oil. Each finish can have a Satin or a
High Gloss polish. Also don't forget the Free UPS ground return shipping*

Our premium gun stock finishing products are some of the best on the market for the ability to bring out the true beauty
of any wood and very durable. The color will have a rich luster not flat, dull or grey. The light golden hues shine through
and dark black grain is black. The shiny figure will appear to stand above the finish like a hologram effect. Like the
waves of figure in some Shell Maple just roll back and forth as you turn it. The edges will stay crisp and sharp with either
the polyurethane or the hand rubbed oil. In fact our application techniques for the polyurethane give it the looks of an oil
finish. It is applied thin keeping the edges sharp. Our oil finish is a special blend of oils combined for looks and
durability. It is a true in the wood finish not built up thick on top of the wood. Both are very durable against the weather
and normal ware.

It's not just having the best product but most importantly it is application of product to guarantee great results every time
for a long lasting beautiful finish to protect your wood. Each piece gets detailed attention to assure a consistent quality
of every finish application.

We can give your old gun stock some new life with a refinish and checkering. Don't trust just anyone with your old Fox,
Parker or one of many fine guns. I'll take great care to preserve the delicate wood. We can just freshen up an old stock
clean out the years of dirt and oil build up and give it a little polish. Or we can completely refinish and rechecker to a like
new condition or even to an aged look but in well cared for condition.

Now you don't have to settle for cheap commercial grade finishes offered by most gun stock shops which look like a
thick gel coating that rounds off all the edges and dulls the color. Or low grade production checkering and burnt laser
engraving. Send it to us for last stop in your custom gun or restore project, "We'll finish it".

               ***Shipping & Handling $15 in state, $25 out of state, $35 Alaska, Hawaii, Canada***
                                       Insurance cost extra @ $2 for every $100 worth of insurance.

NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. No refunds. No returns unless work is completed.
New or refinish
$250 Basic
$350 Premium
Polishing options
Satin low gloss,
High gloss,
Hand rubbed look
Hand rubbed oil
new or refinish
$250 Basic
$350 Premium
Polishing options
Satin low gloss,
High gloss, &
Naturally aged look
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