Custom Diamonds Engraving Inc.

We can recreate any original manufacturer's checkering pattern, or replace with one of our custom checkering patterns. All
custom checkering & wood engraving is of our own design and original style.

All checkering patterns are individually fit to each gun stock. So every pattern can be adjusted to fit the custom dimensions of
your stock.

The checkering diamonds are cut straight and  clean for a smooth finish. This will allow the wood grain to shine through. All wood
engraving is cut using hand forged steel chisels. With our unique style of custom checkering & wood engraving you can have a
true original work of art and a personalized custom gun stock.

You can also personalize your gun stock with custom grip cap engraving. We can engrave initials logos or even wildlife on the grip
cap of your gun stock.

There are lots of options for checkering patterns so I will give a few samples of each style and pricing. Please call for specific
pattern quotes.

There are a few different styles  to choose from such as Point pattern, Ribbon point, Ribbon Scroll, Scroll fill in pattern, Fleur de
lis pattern, Engraved Fleur de lis, and Engraved border patterns.


Here is a Basic 4 panel point pattern
                                            Total = $200

Point patterns are recognised by there straight lines and points. Their are 4 checkering panels on this stock.
This is a Multiple point pattern $225 with Wraparound front grip+$25 , Borderless +$25 , and Extra grip+$25
                   Total = $300

We have lots of options to customize your pattern!
Front Grip
Rear Grip
Front Grip
Rear Grip
You can have Extra grip added to the rear grip for a $25 option. Either 1/4" ribbon or 1/8" ribbon separation same price.
These are 4 panel Multiple point patterns $225 , Borderless +$50  

Total = $275
This a Multiple point pattern+$225 , Wraparound front grip+$25 with a Single line border
                                     Total = $250
A single line border around the pattern lets the checkerer cut faster and erases their mistakes"Over runs"  at the edge of the
panel. This is a manufacture technique to increase production and cover mistakes.
This is a Multiple point pattern $250 , wraparound front grip+$25 , borderless+$50 with extra grip+$25

                                                Total = $350
This is a 4 panel Fleur de lis pattern for
Total = $300

Any Fleur de lis pattern can be altered with different style of Fleur de lis at no charge or Engraved Fleur de lis +$25 each
samples &
Pricing below
scroll down
Fleur de lis pattern $400 with 9 Engraved Fleur de lis +$225, Checkered side panels +$100, single line engraved border +$50,
and 24LPI +$25
Total = $800

This is one of many custom patterns that represent my Original styling creativity. I can create new patterns from many different
styles Traditional elegance to wild and aggressive
                           ***Shipping & Handling $15 in state, $25 out of state, $35 Alaska, Hawaii, Canada***
                                                Insurance cost extra @ $2 for every $100 worth of insurance.

                 NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. No refunds. No returns unless work is completed.